Amber Sosa






Hello There!

Nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by! My name’s Amber Sosa. Like Sammy Sosa, the baseball player? Yeah… we’re not related. Anyways! I am a New York based actor, singer, writer, director, and all around goofball. I was born, as Beyonce says in, “Houston, Texas, BABY!” and grew up about an hour south in a small town called El Campo, Texas. There I found my love for acting when my middle school bully told me not to sign up for an acting competition, and I’ve been doing it ever since (thanks, girlfriend😉). Since then, I have furthered my craft at New York University within the Atlantic Acting School and Stonestreet Studios. This coming academic year, I will be a Senior, finishing up my BFA in Drama. When I’m not acting, I am most likely spending hours trying to learn the ukulele, writing and rewriting scripts for various projects, and cooking up a storm in my small kitchen.

Let's be serious for a sec...

The arts have always played an integral part of my life. I have always used my art as my own personal reaffirmation of “Yes, I Can. Yes, I Will.” in all that I do. Not only do I use my art to prove myself wrong in times of my own personal doubt, now I am beginning to see how my art can make a difference. I believe that art is the foundation for change. I look to my own community and see Latinx representation tossed to the wayside and assigned cheap and false stereotypes over and over again. However, I know that the change starts with me and those I collaborate with. Thus I strive to give representation where representation is due in the art that I create to celebrate marginalized communities. I hope to spark a passion with my work and inspire change for generations to come.



Maya Angelou